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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ghoul and Sons Chemists

Trusted Name for the Last 500 Years
“All Our Best Customers Are Underground”

This is my last Halloween treat for you!!

This piece has three tiers consisting of matchboxes, two Altoids tins and a chipboard potion bottle for a back (the same kind I used for the potion swap).  All the tiers are hinged together.  The first tier is a matchbox chest with drawers that open.   The matchboxes are sitting on a decorative piece of chipboard.  The chipboard is hinged to the first Altoids tin.  By lifting the copper colored spider charm you can lift the top to reveal the contents - the matchboxes and everything are still attached.

I used one of the chipboard potion bottles that I used for the potion swap for the back of the piece.  The first layer is a matchbox chest with drawers that open.  The matchboxes are sitting a decorative piece of chipboard.  The chipboard is hinged to the first Altoids tin.  By lifting the copper colored spider charm you can lift the top to reveal the contents. 

Inside the Ghoul sons are busy at work mixing their concoctions.  The bottles you see are resting on a piece of chipboard.  By pulling on the ribbon handles you can lift the bottles out of the tin.
At the bottom of the tin are Masonite bottles – the same ones I used for the book apothecary in the tutorial.  You can use them to prop up the glass bottles attached to the chipboard; like a traveling samples case.
The first and second tins are hinged together. By pulling on the two spider web copper colored charms you can lift the entire piece and access the second Altoids tins.    That’s where the Ghoul family keeps its spare parts!
I hope you have enjoyed my little engineering project!   

Alpha Stamps Products Used In this Piece
METAL BITS & Other Items
Halloween Fiber Set – Black Fiber


Thanks to all for participating in the event!!  I really appreciate the comments and emails I received from everyone.  It seems that a good time was had by all.  Many of you intend to continue to add to your project which I think is fabulous.  A special thanks to the 41 people who participated in the Giveaway by sharing your project and great ideas with everyone.  Also a special thanks to the bloggers that helped spread the word through posting the event badge on their blogs.

For those who couldn’t but wanted to participate and those that are still working on their project, don’t worry as the tutorials and free images are going to remain posted on my blog.  Right now you can access them from their own tab up at the top of the blog.  Eventually I will move them to the tab with the rest of the tutorials.

WINNERS of the Pretty Potions & Poisons Apothecary Giveaway
Those of you who have following me for a while know that when I post a giveaway I usually giveaway more than I post.  And this giveaway is no exception!  I used RANDOM.ORG to choose all of the winners and they are:

First Prize - Love Potion Number #9 Bottle – I created 2 of these bottles so there are two winners!  The winners are:
DiAnn Denison & Hazel Thompson

Second Prize – (Hexes Book, Spider Webs Bottle, Poison Bottle, Sleeping Death Powder Bottle, Embalming Fluid Bottle, Witches Cauldron, 13th Hour Domino Book, Wicked ATC, and Owl Hollow ATC) – The winner is:

Once I drew for the main prizes I had Random.org select more winners from the remaining participants.

The winner of my “Spells & Magic” shadow box book is:
Virginia Johnson
The winner of “The Black Hat Society” is:
Carmen Daspit
The winner of “Under the Silvery Moon” is:
Sue Brown
The winners of “Bewitching” are:
Janice VanBeek & Sandra

Pretty Potions & Poisons Apothecary Event - Giveaway Entry by Debbie Moon

You are in for a real “Treat” with Debbie Moon’s Goodenddead Mortuary where “You Kill’em, We Chill’em.  HA! I just love her sense of humor and the clever things she has created.  Her idea was inspired by one of her favorite TV shows "Six Feet Under".
Debbie said “I needed to keep the size small so I started with a paper mache coffin. It was too deep for my liking, so the first thing I did was to trim down the sides. It measures 8 inches tall by 4.5 inches wide. The depth is only half of a matchbox - a little over one inch. I really like the miniature size, but it posed many challenges. I added a few shelves and drawers made from matchboxes cut in half with my rotary tool. (I can conquer the world with that thing! LOL).”  
Debbie said “I just had to have a hearse - what's a mortuary without a hearse! LOL I already had a clear coffin and it fits perfectly inside the hearse - an unplanned happy discovery! I also made a few paper dolls - Dr. Goodendead and his witchy nurse assistant. So much fun adding those accessories! I will be contacting Ray O'Bannon over at ravensblight.com; thanking him for his wonderfully creepy toys that he creates and shares for free.”
You can see more of Debbie’s work at her SplitCoastStampers Gallery.

Pretty Potions & Poisons Apothecary Event - Giveaway Entry by Deanna Cosgrove

Here’s Deanna Cosgroves’s spooky display.
Deanna started with a clear vase which she sprayed with Krylon Looking Glass spray paint.  She found the black roses and spiders at the dollar store.
Apothecary in a book.
The bones are candy bones that she colored with ink.

Deanna made these eyeballs with eyes cut from magazines and clear flat pebbles which she adhered with Glossy Accents.
You can see more of Deanna’s work and details about her apothecary at her blog Girls In the Craft.

Pretty Potions & Poisons Apothecary Event - Giveaway Entry by Jeanne Draachreider

What a fabulous setting for Jeanne Draaschreider’s apothecary.  Now those are some scary gargoyles/demons.  Yikes!
Lots of potions to choose from.

Spooky Library
Apothecary in a book.

Pretty Potions & Poisons Apothecary Event - Giveaway Entry by Karen Buchanan

Here is an apothecary by Karen.  Karen's a handy girl as she built the basic cabinet from MDF and lifted some trim from her mom’s garage.  He he he 
She used wooden beads and wire to make spider feet.
The liquid in the bottle came from a highlighter that is supposed to glow under black light.